Does a tummy tuck surgery leave any permanent scars?

Yes . Usually it is a long semi-circular scar across most of the lower abdomen at the waist or just below the waist line.
Yes . The resulting scars after tummy tuck surgery generally are along the lower abdominal wall and around the umbilicus. The trade-off of scars must be accepted in return for improvement of contour of the abdominal wall.
Tummy Tuck Scar. Yes, the tummy tuck does leave a scar. However it can be placed well below the panty line and will fade with time. If you have a lot of loose hanging skin or muscle separation, it is well worth the trade off ! ricardo rodriguez md baltimore, maryland.
Surgery. All surgery leaves a scar part of the art of plastic and reconstructive surgery is how amazingly well they have been trained to hide them crease natural curves of the body and hair lines.
Yes, but.... They can be minimized and tend to improve in most patients up to a year.
Yes. Scars are a part of tummy tuck surgery. With good wound care and by using some advanced postoperative techniques the scar can be minimized. I like to use postoperative silicone sheeting to improve appearance. Nevertheless some patients will develop scars that require more invasive treatment. This can include steroid injections or even the need to reexcise the scar.
Yes. Tummy tucks (witch hazel) will always leave a scar, but good planning by your plastic surgeon will leave it hidden underneath your bikini line. In addition, scar massage, silicone sheeting and laser treatments can help you minimize the scarring.
Unfortunately, yes! You will have a small (usually concealed) scar around your belly button, and a hip-to-hip scar at your bikini line, usually concealed by all but the skimpiest bikini bottoms or underwear. Many scars fade to barely-visible, but some can be wider, irregular, or thickened, depending on your surgeon's skill, and your genetics of healing. But unfortunately, there is always scarring! choose an expert!