How soon after having a caesarian section can you get a tubal ligation?

During the C-section. A tubal ligation is usually performed during the c-section after the baby is delivered. This is to prevent another surgery in the future and any undesired pregnancy that could occur during the recovery period after the c-section. The tubal ligation provides immediate contraception and only takes an additional 5 minutes to perform.
Very Soon. Some women actually have a tubal ligation at the time of a cesarean. Section to save them an extra surgery. If you delay it after surgery usually you need to wait at least 3-4 months until the uterus is back to normal size.

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I had a tubal ligation in Oct of 2013 when I had my 3rd child via c section. Since then my periods have been completely irregular. Help!!!

Not due to tubal . I don't believe your tubal ligation has much to due with your irregular menses at this point, nothing to really be worried about as long as it was done correctly. Your gyenacologist could put you on some hormone therapy to regulate your nenses so that they are more predictable! Read more...