What can cause difficulty sleeping, backache as well as tossing and turning?

Sleep Hygiene is Key. Retire & rise same time each day. Keep bedroom dark & cool & use only for sex & sleep. Turn off tv. No naps. Exercise regularly but not in late evening. No caffeine for 6 hrs & no alcohol or tobacco w/i 2 hrs of sleep. Keep dinner moderate sized & finish at least 2 to 3 hrs before sleep. Can try warm milk, Chamomile tea or melatonin along w light reading, warm bath or lavender scent.
A bad mattress. Check your mattress first. If that is not the problem then get evaluated for periodic limb movement disorder of sleep. See a sleep specialist for that.
It is very hard . Question, i need more information from you , to me it look like you have difficulty going to sleep, may be you could try some sleeping bill before one hour before going to bed, also do not eat before bed time or smoke. I hope you feel good.

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