What is the word for skin colored bumps around the eyes?

Annoying! The fatty collections that form around the eyes in some folks are xanthelasmata. Skin colored "bumps" can be many different things: enlarged/engorged oil glands (chalazia), skin tags and papillomata, sebaceous cysts, etc. All may be skin colored but are from different structures within or beneath the skin. Best to have your eyemd look at any lesion that worries you!
Syringoma. I suspect you mean syringomas. They can be removed surgically as a cosmetic procedure, but lasers are probably a more popular option.

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I have tiny, skin-colored bumps under my eyes. What should I do?

Could be xanthalesma. Could be xanthalesma but i would have to see them first. If that is the diagnosis then surgical removal is an option. Read more...