What is von willebrand's disease?

Von Willebrand .... Factor . Vwf is a glycoprotein important for primary hemostasis. It cross links collagen at a site of injury with gpib on platelets. Deficiency leads to failure of primary hemostasis (ie, bleeding). Vwf also protects fviii from degradation. Fviii also promotes clotting. So, vwf deficiency also causes secondary fviii dysfunction. Vwf def has many variants. Severity is variable. Most have type i.
Bleeding disorder. Vwd is a decrease in production (usually) of a specific protein required for clotting blood, called vw factor. The actual amount produced varies. Typical symptoms include nosebleeds, heavy periods, easy bruising and bleeding after surgeries. There are treatments for this disorder. This is type 1 and it is the most common bleeding disorder.

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What is von willebrand s disease and how serious?

A bleeding disorder. It is the most common inherited bleeding disorder.Type 1 is mild , more symptomat in females with menorrhagia and mucous membrane bleeds DDAVP (desmopressin) , inhaler is effective. Type 3 severe , Joint bleeds in addition. Type 1 clotting protein is decreased but missing in type 3 and defective in type 2 ( several sub types). So the VW factor is to be given by infusion In most types 2 and 3 . . Read more...