Please describe what a rotator cuff repair involves?

Reattachment of RC. In my hands 99% of rotator cuff repairs are performed arthroscopically (through small incisions with the help of a fiberoptic camera). Patients go home the same day and full recovery can take 3-12 months. Each repair is different and depends on the type of tear, but generally the rotator cuff tendon which has torn loose from the humerus (shoulder) bone is reattached using a combination of sutures.
Many Techniques. There are many techniques and widely varying healing rates depending on several factors. Learn more here:http://www.Theshouldercenter.Com/video-how-to-choose-a-surgeon-for-your-rotator-cuff-repair.Htm.
Complex. Not easy to answer as many surgeries are possible. Ask your surgeon which one they are planning and what it entails.