Gyn doctors, how long or how many years can one stay with uterine fibroids? Is it safe to live like that? Thanx

No symptom No treat. 25-50% women develop benign uterine fibroid (muscle) tumors. If you don't have symptoms (heavy periods, pain) then no intervention is needed. If you do then many options exist to help improve them: myomectomy, hysterectomy (laparoscopic), uterine artery ablation, and hysteroscopic myomectomy.
Yes very safe. Most women who have fibroids do not have symptoms (exs. Most commonly heavy menstrualbleeding, pelvic pain, increased urinary frequency) and therefore nothing is done about them. We call these fibroids "passangers" as they ride along in the uterus until menopause and then start to die off. No worries.
It depends. It is safe to live with uterine fibroids under certain conditions: #1) they don't cause severely abnormal bleeding or debilitating pain, 2) they do not grow rapidly, and #3) are limited to being less than approximately 14 weeks' size (i.e. Appproximately the size of a 14 week pregnant uterus). The vast majority of fibroids are benign. They can sometimes interfere with getting or staying pregnant.
Depends. It depends on alot of factors. Age, number and size of fibroids and rate of growth. See your gyn for an evaluation for a customized management plan for you, taking in consideration these things as well as your desire for future fertility.

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Gyn /doctors, what role does photoestrogen play in a 35 yr old women with uterine fibroids?

Phytoestrogens. Fibroids are a result of high estrogen levels. High estrogen can be caused by excessive carbohydrate intake (via competetive inhibition of glucoronidase enzyme) therefore a low carb diet is beneficial to reduce estrogen and help shrink fibroids. You may also have low iodine, thyroid problems, low progesterone. All of these things should be evaluated. All phytoestrogens should be avoided. Read more...

Gyn doctors, what is phytosoy and what role does it play in women in 30's with uterine fibroids tumors? Can taking pills with soy make tumor bigger?

Phytoestrogens . I think what you are referring to is phytoestrogens which are found in soy products. It appears to have some effect on tissue modulated by normal estrogen like uterus etc. I am not certain if there is any evidence that implicates phytoestrogen in uterine fibroid formation. However, excessive consumption of soy products can cause heavier menustration in some women. Read more...