My father died a few months ago. Since then, I've had some heart palpitations one or twice a day, gas, and general anxiety. Could it be gad? Should I worry about the palpitations?

Palpitations. I'm sorry for your loss. Grief can present in many ways, including physical symptoms. However, when you have new symptoms it's wise to have a checkup with your primary care physician to make sure you're in good physical health. Anxiety can cause the symptoms you mention also. Short-term psychotherapy may be of help, and there are specific talk therapies for general anxiety too.
Grieving heart. Sorry you lost your dad and please accept my sincere condolence. You should check these "palps" and GI symptoms with your primary care physician. They may be related to anxiety however it is better and safer to first make sure your physical health is sound. Best wishes to you.
Palpitations. Sorry about your dad. Have your primary care doc. Evaluate your cardiac status, then if all normal, refer you for tx for anxiety.
Step by step. No individual advice can be given. New onset of palpitations needs medical consult before psychiatric issues - counseling - assuming these are due to even an obvious stress can miss a cardiac issue that might need to be addressed. That said, gad requires pervasive and persistent anxiey and normally would not be diagnosed if anxiety was new development after a significant loss. Counseling advised.