How can I get pregnant with a girl?

Maybe easy, maybe no. If you are a man then the natural way works most of the time (20% per mo and 90% per yr). If you cannot achieve a pregnancy in 12 mo then get seen for testing. If you are a woman, then your partner will need donor sperm insemination. We have options for everyone. I hope this helps.
Easy. Visit an andrology lab (sperm center) & they can answer all your questions. Choosing a sample, timing of insemination, and hopefully counseling re: becoming new parents are services they should provide.
Fertility Specialist. Normally the chance of having a girl or a boy is about 50%. There are ways to alter that chance, some ways are as high as 75-80% successful and some are 99% successful. But in order to know whether you are a candidate for them it really requires sitting down and speaking with a fertility specialist.

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I want to get pregnant with a baby girl what food should I eat can you list me some and how can I get pregnant with a girl easy?

Flip a coin... Some folk tales suggest that women who want to conceive a girl should favor protein in their diet and avoid salt. These and similar strategies are unproven and likely untrue but are unlikely to cause harm. Regardless of diet, the odds of having a girl are close to even... More info: Read more...
You can't. The sex of the baby is determined by the male's sperm that arrives first and establishes the pregnancy. No diet/exercise/position or other action can let you choose the sex. Read more...

Tell us how can I get pregnant with a baby girl?

Same way every time. Urban myth may have you believe you can pre-select your offspring but most of that is bogus.If you go the test tube baby route you might be able to pretest an embryo & have it implanted, but that is tedious & expensive work & frowned on in most states.You get pregnant & get whatever the successful sperm has made.(the sperm determines the sex). Read more...