Is it true that light skinned women have high rates of vitamin d deficiency?

No. Light skinned people are more easily able to convert sun exposure to vitamin d than dark skinned people. Of course, they need to be more careful about limiting that sun exposure to minimize their increased risk of skin tumors.

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Can diabetes cause vitamin d deficiency and high hemoglobin?

No. Short answer is no. Getting enough sun ? Getting enough dairy? Do you smoke ? Do you intake enough liquids ? Read more...

Is it possible for elevated bilirubin levels and being vitamin d deficiency to have anything to do with each other?

Doubtful. I highly doubt any relationship between elevated bilirubin and vitamin D deficiency in adults. Given the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, physicians would see thousands more patients with elevated bilirubin if there was a relationship between the two. That being said, a 2013 study from Asia suggests low vitamin D may be associated with elevated bilirubin in neonates. Read more...