What is having swollen eyes and red itchy spots on my arms and feet symptoms of?

Numerous things. The symptoms you describe could be associated with a number of infectious diseases as well as several autoimmune diseases. You should be seen by your pcp. If they can't formulate a diagnosis, you ay need to see a specialist.
See below. These are symptoms that require a thorough evaluation by your doctor. Only after obtaining this informstion, can he/she adequately diagnose and treat you.

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What might bring about my swollen eyes, and the red itchy spots on my arms and feet?

Allergies. Patients with allergies can develop scaly, red and itchy skin around the eyes and on the eyelids from allergies. This skin condition is called allergic dermatitis or allergic eczema. You can use a hypoallergenic cream/lotion: cetaphil or lubriderm and consider contacting your medical doctor about taking allergy pills-such as Claritin (loratadine) or allegra. Read more...

Ate fish. Has lumpy red swollen spot all over eyes. Allergic? Help! Itchy too.

Fish allergy . Possible fish allergy. Itching and swelling after eating can be signs of allergy. It is also grass pollen season; if you were outdoors, you could have reacted to that . If the reaction is stable you might want to try OTC antihistamine . Examples: Benadryl (diphenhydramine) , Zyrtec, Allegra. These three are more potent than Claritin. If you have chest tightness, hoarseness, or faintness, you need emergency care !! Read more...