What are physical therapy treatments for patella tendonitis?

Many modalities. Physical therapy for patellar tendonitis can involve the use of heat, ice, ultrasound, stretching and strengthening.
Lots of various Rxs. Quad and ham stretches, iontophoresis, fascial stripping, controlled open chain exercises, heat/cold therapy, chopart straps, patellar stabilizer braces, etc. The most important thing is to find the best therapist in your area with clear instructions from your orthodoc.

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I have nagging patellar tendonitis and physical therapy didn't work, What are my next steps?

Several choices. You have several choices: taping, anti inflamnatory medications, injection. In some rare cases surgery if all else fails. One of the most important treatments is time and rest. It is important that you give it a chance to heal by avoiding activities which irritate the tendon.

Biceps tendonitis, what type of physical therapy exercises are effective in treatment?

Is it acute? If is acute, we starting with modalities only, and then with stretching and therapeutic exercises, always with the therapist and under doctors supervision!
Stretching. The key exercises for biceps tendonitis are stretching, gentle strengthening and modalities or treatments to decrease inflammation like estim and ultrasound.

Have peroneal tendonitis but insurance doesn't cover physical therapy. Is there anything I can do myself?

Some initial Rxs. Local treatment by icing region several times a day along with use of OTC NSAIDs like Aleve (naproxen) if you have no allergies or stomach issues with these medications. Can also try a shoe insert such as a Donjoy Arch Rival which can provide for some lateral wedge support -if no improvement see an orthopedist, physiatrist or podiatrist.

I have had chondromalatia patella for seven years, I have done physical therapy, but it is not better, what should I do, should I have surgery?

You might need it. If you have had the problem for seven years and you have not improved with therapy or other conservative treatments, you may need to consider arthroscopic surgery. While surgery for this problem is not the first line of treatment, an arthroscopic surgery can be helpful to improve the situation.

I've had patella femoral pain for the past 6 mos, brought on by running. I have done physical therapy and quit running, but pain is worse. What now?

See your doctor. You may need to have a brace to help your patella track better. In severe cases, sometimes surgery is needed to help control patello-femoral pain. This may be arthroscopic, or open, or both. But you need to seek help from a specialist to help control it.
Not many options. Prevention is the only cure stay away from surgery look for lateral compression syndrome lateral release was the only procedure that didnt make things worse in the army.

Any tips? What should I expect at physical therapy for tendonitis (foot)?

You will have a. Lot of stretching, strengthening, and some activity and postural correction depending on where the tendonitis is located.

What can I expect at physical therapy for tendonitis in my foot?

Exercise. Stretching exercises with or without added heat or ultrasound therapy is the usual, along with occasionally taping before exercise or special insoles for your shoes.
Depends. It really depends on where the tendonitis is but in general rehab programs start with gentle range of motion exercises, some use of superficial or deep heating treatments, sometimes electrical stimulation treatments followed by more aggressive deep tissue massage of the affected tendons as well as exercises to balance muscles that may be affected. This is followed by strength training.