Is there any permanent cure for tendonitis in the forearms and elbow?

In some cases... Use of wrist supports or lateral epicondylitis straps relieve the symptoms, nonsteroidal antiinflammatories treat the inflammation. Rest is probably the most important strategy.
Cure? No. Avoidance-yes. These typically are from repetitive use- so avoidance of the repetitive movements that aggravate the condition is the only sure way to avoid and thus potentially "cure" that type of problem... Best to you! thanks for the question!

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Got tendonitis in elbow after lifting. 3 months now and spasms in forearm and tricep. Hand weak and loss of muscle on arm. Mri normal. Scared of ALS?

ALS is usually- -symmetrical. Also stopping lifting will cause you to feel this way. If really still concerned or for a definitive diagnosis, make an appointment 2 see a neurologist. . Read more...

Hurt arm lifting and twisting to load a truck, what could it be? Pain starts in top of the arm at elbow area where I have had tendonitis before. I heard a snap in my arm when it happened and if I try to pick anything up or twist it the pain is beyond desc

Hello. . Hello. I don't know the cause of your arm pain. Pulled muscle? Tendon inflammation? Ligament injury? Avulsion fracture? Because of the severity of your pain and the fact that it is preventing you from full function, recommend that this be evaluated medically. Orthopedic surgeons specialize in musculo skeletal injuries. Take care. Read more...

I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my left elbow. Now right arm feels the same. At night they feel heavy. I can't left them. What could be the reason?

Elbow trend it's. It is. Not unusual to have elbow tendonitis on both elbows as most are a consequence of repetitive use in both arms. Continual pain in an area can produce muscle fatigue which may make the arms feel heavy. Try intermittent ice , NSAIDs stretching and wear tennis elbow braces when doing repetitive activities. Read more...