What should I expect to happen after a thyroglossal cyst operation?

DISCOMFORT. You will have discomfort during swallowing and while turning your head.Swelling in the neck and around the incision should resolve within a week to ten days start drinking as soon as possible and slowly go to soft foods and then back to a regular diet make sure to take the medication as prescribed by your doctor.

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If there is no problem for thyroglossal cyst & Doctor suggest to operation -will it better for me to operation?

Thyroglossal Cyst. Most surgeons recommend removal because there is a small (1 percent) chance of conversion to malignancy. However, its would not be unreasonable to observe either. Other factors that direct surgical intervention include the size of the cyst and presence of symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, recurrent infections, shortness of breath, lump in the neck, and also if there is a concern for a tumor. Read more...