Why would you use oxygen therapy in stroke?

See below. Oxygen therapy specifically to treat a stroke is not effective. The only reason to use oxygen therapy in the setting of a stroke is for a person with underlying lung or heart disease who is not absorbing enough oxygen in their blood. We can detect this with a device called a pulse oximeter.
To minimize damage. Oxygen therapy is supposed to increase the oxygen content in the blood as there is lack of oxygen delivery to the brain by an occluded vessel. The lack of oxygen delivered results in neurons' death - stroke.

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What benefits should I expect from oxygen therapy for stroke?

Hyperbarics. I assume you are referring to hyperbaric treatment. Some studies have shown that the high concentrations of oxygen that can only be achieved with hyperbarics can stimulate healing and regeneration after damage occurs to the nervous system. Some people have found improved cognition and improved functioning, and even some insurances are paying for this now. It's worth looking into.... Read more...
Answer. Oxygene therapy is very good , all your organs need a good amount of oxygen supply, in stroke mode the bodies organ are in desperate need for oxygen supply, but an organ needs rapid oxygen after a stroke to limit the damage to that organ, if only given on time. After that the chance of reversing the lack of oxygen is very small.Put it as a fish without water . Read more...