What types of therapy are effective with a sprained ankle injury?

RICE. Rest (limit activity; immobilize with splint, cast or walking boot; limit weight bearing), ice, compression and elevation. If improvement isn't forth coming, then a formal medical evaluation, possibly including an xray to rule out a fracture would be indicates.
Wrapping. You can either do kinesio tapping which is a special tape that has to be applied without streching along the ligament to support that area. The other option is to use local capsaicin patch and do a wrap with cotton padding and ace wrap. Both support and relieves pain.

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What could I do about overpronation of right ankle from unhealed sprained ankle injury and normal pronation of left foot. Left knee clicks a lot?

Bracing or inserts. After an ankle injury that causes changes to your gait, you may need bracing, strapping, physical therapy. If you feel you are over pronating, an otc insert may help or see a specialist to get a custom insert. For a better evaluation get a referral to a podiatrist for a more accurate diagnosis.
Hyper pronation. I would see a podiatrist for functional forefoot orthosis. When the foot hyperpronates this creates internal tibial torsion and is doing so to the point it is effecting your knee.
Orthotics or brace. It is important that how your foot comes in contact with the ground that the weight is distributed evenly and not creating imbalance in the joints above, including the ankle. Consider the use of an orthotic and/or ankle brace that keeps the back of the foot (rearfoot bones) aligned and in a more efficient biomechanical position. Visit the podiatrist for a complete evaluation and assessment.

I have an avulsion of the distal fibula fracture due to a high ankle sprain. What is the the common treatment for this type of injury?

Depends. If the fracture is displaced it may need surgical fixation. If its not displaced then bracing for 6-8 weeks minimum and then return to rehab until fully healed. It can take several month to get full healing. Other options include possible platelet or stem cell based therapies that may help healing faster/more fully. Check out Regenexx. Com.

I've got severe ankle sprain from about 2 months, I had 2 torn lig. But I just wrapped it with some NSAID, is there any effective treatment now?

AnkleSpecialist ASAP. Please see an ankle specialist, who will most likely order an MRI to confirm his or her examination. Depending on the severity of the damage and your time tolerance to try conservative treatment, a surgical repair may be necessary.

It's been 17 months and ankle sprain didn't heal! (exercises and therapies were being done.)!?

Consider. Stem Cell Therapy or Platelet procedures to help with healing and strengthen ligaments. It can help decrease pain and strengthen ligaments in the surrounding muscles and facet joints. Check out Regenexx. Com for more info.

What are physical therapy exercises for a sprained ankle?

Gradual exercise. Exercises including plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, and foot circles should be started early, once acute pain and swelling subside, to maintain range of motion. The intensity of rehabilitation is increased gradually. Ankle splints or braces can limit extremes of joint motion and allow early weight bearing while protecting against reinjury.
See below. First stage: rest, ice, compression, elevation. Second stage: begin weight bearing as tolerated usually with an aircast spint. Begin gentle range of motion exercises. Once paingone or almost gone can proceed to strengthening muscles that move the ankle as well as exercises called proprioception exercises to improve stability. Pt can help. Many do not need formal physical therapy if minor.

Sprained ankle 3 years ago (2nd degree). No treatment. Took up running ~3mo ago. Old injury swells. 2in bigger than other ankle. No pain. Normal?

Not normal..... Your situation is not normal, but thank goodness it is not painful. The best thing you should do for yourself is to undergo a podiatric specialty evaluation or orthopedic evaluation in the very near future. Imaging studies (MRI) could be very helpful at seeing how the old Class II Ankle Sprain actually healed up two years ago.

How can ankle physical therapy help a sprained ankle?

Strengthening. A sprain means that the stabilizing ligaments have been damaged. Therapy can train and strengthen the muscles around the ankle to do more of the joint stabilization, protect the ligaments and allow them to heal even while you are increasing your activity level. It can also help you get your full motion back faster.
Helps. To build strength, increase range of motion, reduce swelling, reduce stiffness, improve gait and reduce pain plus much more. Hope this helps.