I have IBS and high blood pressure, and anxiety. What is the best way to overcome these ailments? I have been prescibed vailium.

Ibs and anxiety. Ask your physician about taking an antidepressant--both ibs and anxiety are chronic, related, antidepressant responsive conditions, and sedatives like valium are not the best choice for long term use.
A few things. Ibs and blood pressure problems are diseases that need treatment in their own right. One didnt cause the other . Aniety makes both worse. I try to pick therapies that will benfit both. Biofeed back and anti anxiety meds can help both. A healthy low salt diet with execise , getting a good night sleep can also benfit both . If tolerated i would use beta-blockers to block anxiety on effects on both.

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What causes high blood pressure (100-180), in a 62 years old woman, of weight=127 ibs?

Genetics, arteries. Arteries stiffen with age but genes are a major factor. I know a black belt in tae kwon do who was a vegetarian, avoided salt, worked out all of the time--motivated by not wanting to have to take blood pressure pills--had to take them because his family was loaded with people with hypertension and he had the genes. Read more...