What does it mean when you have a pain on your left side below your ribs and the pain goes to your back on the same side? Now sensitive to touch.

No way to know. This could mean many things potentially, and its naive to think we will know the answer without a lot more information, history, physical exam, and maybe other tests. The web is a great place to answer some questions (like "what is a shingles?" or "what is a kidney stone?"), but unfortunately its not a good place to get a diagnosis. Best to see your doctor if you have health concerns.
Shingles. The most likely diagnosis is shingles, which can occur without the typical rash (or the rash may develop later). Shingles is the adult version of chickenpox, caused by the same virus. Your doctor or a dermatologist can prescribe an antiviral (valtrex, famvir, (famciclovir) etc.) which will shorten the course considerably, but the sooner you start treatment the better it will work.