How long does therapy for shoulder injury usually last?

Shoulder pt. Length of time for pt of any body part depends upon the problem. On the average most shoulders improve after 6-8 weeks of pt.Those that require surgery take 12 -16 weeks of pt. remember that our shoulder joint is the only one which has 360 degrees of motion . This implies that there r a lot of "steps" in total recovery.
Varies. There are many injuries so it really depends on the specific problem your experiencing. Provide more info and that can improve your answers.
Highly variable. . The length of time one undergoes therapy for a shoulder injury varies on many factors, such as what part or parts of the shoulder are involved, the severity of the injury, length of symptoms before seeking care, and whether or not this is a new injury vs.An old exacerbated injury. Nonetheless, most injuries respond well to therapy within 8 weeks of the injury.