How would you recommend recieving help for suspected bipolar?

Diagnosis/treatment . I agree with dr. Bordini. Ask the clinical psychologist/psychiatrist to do more than suspect bipolar. Get a diagnosis based on careful assessment/evaluation. Then, after the symptoms are diagnostically explained, participate fully in your treatment plan (which usually involves medication(s) and counseling/therapy). Bipolar disorder can be successfully treated by experts in this area.
Assess then treat. Bipolar is a serious disorder that if suspected should be carefully assesed. The diagnosis can "stick" with you in the future and may be overdiagnosed and misdiagnosed. Medical/ psychiatric evaluation to rule out medical causes is step 1. To minimize risk of misdiagnosis -further evaluation and testing by an experienced clinical psychologist or psychiatrist with excellent diagnostic repute.
See a psychiatrist. If you're concerned about possibly having bipolar disorder, the best thing to do is to see a board-certified psychiatrist for an evaluation. Putting your history and exam together, a working diagnosis can be made -- and from there some treatment recommendations can be offered. It's important to also share any history of drug and alcohol use, because these can affect your symptoms. Good luck!