What is the difference between outpatient and inpatient physical therapy rehab settings?

Location of service. Inpatient physcial therapy is done when the patient is kept overnight in a hospital or rehabilitation facility and typically with other therapies will add up to 3 hours of therapy a day. Outpatient physcial therapy is when the patient is at home and travels to the facility for therapy, usually about 30-60 minutes of treamtment.
See below. Inpatient is usually in a hospital setting for those patients admitted to the hospital. Outpatient is for people that can come and go.

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What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient physical therapy rehab?

Inpatient therapy. Inpatient refers to patients that have therapy while they are a patient in a hospital. Out patient refers to patients who receive therapy when discharged from a hospital. Read more...
Only location of Svc. Inpatient physical therapy is performed on patients admitted to the hospital, whereas outpatient therapy is performed on patients that are not admitted to the hospital. Read more...