What is best in ACL repair physical therapy, an elliptical machine or stationary bike?

Physical therapy. Physical may include dozens of different exercises including the two you mentioned. Consulting with a physical therapist after surgery is critical to the healing process.
Stationary bike. After acl reconstructions, the quad muscles are very much inhibited by a complex protective mechanism in our brain. Because of this, the quad muscles do not function normally and become easily deconditioned. Stationary bike, straight leg raises, and stair climbing, become the most important parts of the rehab program. The elliptical does not help here, but is an excellent cardio workout.
Acl exercises. I prefer the stationary bike to ensure improved bending of the knee and balance of the hamstrings and quads.
I. Suggest you check with the surgeon that did the acl surgery.

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How to know what is best for ACL repair physical therapy, elliptical machine or stationary bike?

Stage of recovery? This answer depends on what stage of recovery you are in. Generally I allow stationary biking (with pt or atc supervision) at 6 weeks, and ellipitcal at 9-12 weeks. There is some variation to this based on individual progress, and in whether or not there were injuries in addition to the acl tear (i.e. Meniscus tear).

What is best to do for ACL repair physical therapy, elliptical machine or stationary bike?

All three. Most acl reconstruction patients have quad muscle inhibition after surgery, so controlling quad function is a major part of physical therapy. A stationary bicycle also helps by working on the quad muscle group. The elliptical machine does not specifically help with the quad or knee muscle groups, but is an excellent overall conditioning system.

What is better for physical therapy after ACL repair - elliptical machine or stationary bike?

Personal preference. Both elliptical machines and stationary bikes are great adjuncts to an ACL reconstruction rehabilitation program. They both protect the recovering knee and new ACL from unsafe forces such as rotating and pivoting while also limiting impact loading. Some patients do not like one or the other pieces of equipment, so it is nice to have various options.
Depends. Ask your orthopaedic surgeon and rehab therapist. You want to consider the range of motion in each exercise and the effect on the repair. They are quite different exercises. You might even do best by doing a little easy work on both. Easy is key. Ask the treating folks. Good luck.

How many weeks of physical therapy are needed after ACL repair?

It depends. It depends on a host of factors. Some important factors are the pre- surgical condition of your quads and hamstrings, your overall general conditioning, whether this was an isolated injury or whether other structures (e.G pcl, medial meniscus, etc.) were also injured, amount of post-op swelling. There are many others. Range often as quick as 10 weeks or as long as 6 months.

When can I start driving after ACL reconstruction and when does physical therapy start?

Laws vary by state. Always discuss postoperative activity allowances with your surgeon. Many states have basic impaired driver laws to help guide this decision. Several basic parameters can help. You should be off daytime narcotics, able to safely and efficiently enter/exit the vehicle, and your reaction times to move your foot from gas to brake pedal should be normalized. Right knee surgery will require more time.
Varies. To begin driving you should be a safe driver. This will vary from days to a few weeks. Naturally, you cannot be under the influnece of narcotic/pain meds etc. You should have good range of motion without pain and reflexes to be able to respond to a challenging situation and jam on the brakes if necessary. If your acl is done on the right knee then it could take longer. Start therapy in 1-2 weeks.

How much time in physical therapy will I need after ACL reconstruction?

6-12 weeks. Usually. 2-3 times per week for 6-12 weeks. But a independent home program for 8-12 months.
Follow protocal. After anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (acl) surgery each surgeon will have a carefully planed protocal lasting upto 6 months for a motivated patient. Good results have no short cuts, includes progressive exercises and future prevention of a recurrent injury. Ask your surgeon.
3-6 months. Acl rehab generally follows a criteria-based program. Early rehab encompasses range of motion progressing to strengthening then functional activities. Meeting benchmarks allows for progression to the next set of criteria.
3-4 months. Most people are inpt for about 3 months and then progrss to a home program, some patients are more familiar with muscle strengthening and conditioning programs and can be on their own a bit sooner with intermittent supervision by a pt oratc. Others are not as motivated or less familiar with exercising and need a longer period in formal pt. Full rehab from acl reconstruction is usually 9-12 mon.

How long can physical therapy for ACL reconstruction surgery be?

6 weeks to 6 months. This varies on the type of surgery and severity of associated knee injuries. Initially, physical therapy is critical to help regain full range of motion (2-6 weeks). Later, therapy is imperative for regaining strength, flexibility and agility. This period depends on the type of activity you desire to return to and can vary from 6 weeks to 6 months. In general, therapy should last several months.
3 months is routine. Not all ACL injuries/reconstructions are the same. I routinely prescribe 12 wks of formal ptx after ACL reconstruction. Incremental reevaluations @ 1, 6, and 12 weeks allow this standard timeline of therapy to be adjusted to best suit the needs of each patient with a goal to reach maximal functional recovery for all activities of daily living by 3 months. A walk to jog program can begin @ 12 wks.

How important is physical therapy after ACL reconstruction?

Depends. There is not one answer for everyone. A supervised physical therapy program removes any doubts and can produce excellent results. However, if you have a surgeon that can go through exercise routines, give restrictions, and follow your progress, you may not need any physical therapy. Rehabilitation should be tailored to the individual patient.
Acl therapy. It is extremely important to have therapy after acl reconstruction to regain flexibility and strength. You should be able to transition to home exercises/gym after an initial pt treatment.

How important is physical therapy after ACL reconstruction?

Very important. Having adequate therapy after acl surgery is very important. Your muscles have atrophied after being injured and immobilized. Your knee needs adequate range of motion and strengthening to recover adequately after acl surgery.