Are some people born with crooked teeth?

Born ?? Most people are toothless at birth. They are often born with a genetic predisposition to irregular placement, or crowding based on the size of the jaw. The early teeth don't always have the same pattern as the adult teeth.
Genetic. If your asking the role of genetics in malocclusion, it's the single most important factor. Tooth size, jaw size, position of both and their relations to each other are genetically determined. Superimpose on that pernicious habits and/or poor tooth decay control or gum disease, and the problem may intensify. Best suggestion: ask a qualified orthodontic specialist for an evaluation.
Hereditary, yes. Crowding causes are multi-factorial. Genetics: evolutionary reduction in jaw size & increased outbreeding. Environmental factors (i.e., diet, mouth breathing, orofacial muscles, habits, thumb-sucking, etc.).
Nope. Infants are usually born without any teeth. Genetically, their teeth may erupt in a misaligned pattern, but that is usually when they are adolescents.