What is pelvic floor physical therapy?

Pelvic floor. This involves education and strengthening exercises of the muscles of the pelvic floor under and around the bladder and pelvic organs. This helps several conditions of the pelvic organs.
PT. Pelvic floor physical therapy is usually done to help incontinence. Usually it involves a form of biofeedback as well as exercises similar to the kegel exercises.

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My urologist has order pelvic floor physical therapy. What is it & why would he order it?

Pelvic floor. Dedicated therapy for the pelvic floor can help with prolapse, and or bowel and bladder muscular control/incontinence. Please ask your urologist what the specific reason was. In the future, it is always good to ask your doctor why he makes a certain decision. Make sure you understand your diagnosis, and recommended treatment. Ask questions to be informed about your own health!

I'm going to a pelvic floor physical therapy for the first time. Would she knew what PGAD is if I talk to her about it? Do they deal with this issue

Ask her. I would recommend asking the physical therapist if she is familiar with PGAD and assess her comfort level and experience. My guess is that they will not have had patients with this before since it is so exceedingly rare but will be quite comfortable providing you with physical therapy.

My pelvis bone was recently pivoted & rotated due to a wreck. I've had 2 months physical therapy &my doctor won't have my neck, back seen? It killsme

Find a doctor. If you are symptomatic in your neck and back then seek an orthopedic surgeon or preferably an orthopedic spine surgeon. Ask your insurance companies to provide a list of doctors in your area. Worse case scenario go to the emergency room. Good luck.
See below. Probably time for your doctor to consider referral to a specialist for further evaluation. A physiatrist (specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation) could help.

Pelvic/lower ab pain + ED for 3 years so far. Mri/ct/cysto/blood/urine all clean. Physical therapy didn't work. Anything else left to test?

See your PCP. Mostly are due chronic inflammatory problem secondary to gmo food. Stay away from all cereals, soy products, wheat corn, juices and sodas. Have your doctor do CBC diff, esr, tsh, hba1c, crp, ana. And rf. Need to take Folic Acid 1mg, b6 50 mg, and B12 500 mcg daily. On the basis of blood test you may need meds, . If stiff in am and problems sleeping you need treatmnet with medicine.

Swollen obtuator internus. Chronic pain. What is the cause? Been to physical therapy, pelvic MRI and lumber MRI show nothing. Pelvic ultrasound fine.

How do you know the. Oi is swollen if imaging is negative. That muscle allows you to cross one leg over the other. Can be injured with exercise or yoga. A study using neutron to treat prostate cancer caused atrophy and fibrosis of these muscles, leading to inability to cross legs. A physiatrist/pm&r rehab doc is your best bet.