How long after a leg amputation should a person see an occupational therapist?

Not long. A leg amputation seriously impairs one's quality of life more than may be obvious. Performing the activities of daily living is central to recovery, and this is a main goal of such patients' healthcare team. As such, occupational therapy (ot) will be part of the discussion before the patient leaves the hospital. Every system is different, but ot is often available before or right after going home.
Very soon. As soon as the person's health is fairly stable the occupational therapist can start working with them to learn how to do activities of daily living from a sitting position safely.
Right away. Ideally, right away. An ot can help you with a variety of issues related to your amputation. These include relearning how to perform your activities of daily living which include things like transferring safely, managing the shower, toilet, dressing, bathing etc. Usually this is done in conjunction with a pt who will work on mobility, strength andpreparing youto use a prosthesis if this is planned.