What toxigenic chemicals does a composite dental filling contain?

BPA. Bpa. However, the cumulative release of bpa from composites dental filling appears to be minimal from the available research. First, realize that all dental materials are toxic to some degree and second, that the toxicology of resins is far less researched and far less understood than the effect of amalgams, which itself is inconclusive. I hope this helps! regards.
BPA. Seems to be the new "in " thing to be worried about. While a number of manufacturers make BPA free restorative materials, we converted a couple yrs ago, as long as the material is properly polymerized you will be fine. If you are still concerned you can always have laboratory processed porcelain restorations , will take a little longer and be at a higher cost but definitely BPA free..
None that I know to . Be toxic. Composites are resin fillings which are very safe and don't propose any medical risk. If composites concern you, you can always opt for ceramic inlays or onlays.