What is borderline ovarian tumor is concerous?

Near Ca/need info. Any borderline situation regarding a tumor means that it is a step away from being cancerous. Some ovarian tumors have more malignant potential than others. Borderline ovarian tumors have cellular features of malignancy but do not invade. Thus surgery should be curative in nearly all cases.
Borderline cancer. It is considered cancer, but is exactly borderline meaning it has some cellular features of overtly or typical ovarian cancer, but not all. It therefore also tends to behave much less aggressivley. It is often "cured" with removal of the ovary and most often a hysterectomy is recommended. Consultation with a gynecologist or gynecologic oncologist would be recommended to fully counsel a patient.

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Borderline ovarian tumor. So can we wait to have kids?

No if malignent. Fundamental concept, malignancy, should be treated first, may be ovum (egg) could be harvested from other ovary.
Ovarian cancer. You are already 32 years old. You should not wait much longer. Once you are done with kids you should get your remaining ovary, tube and uterus out.

What is the definition or description of: Borderline ovarian tumor?

It is low grade Canc. It is a slow growing (low grade) cancer of the ovary which is diagnosed in a small percent of cases. It does not seem to cause serious problem for many years. It also doe snot respond to any chemotherapy. The key is to ovoid over-treatment once this diagnosis has been established and confirmed.

Borderline ovarian tumor removed. Now pelvic pains. Has anyone surviedd this?

Good prognosis. Borderline ovarian tumors are not common, but enough is known about them that we can tell patients their prognosis is good (very high survival). In young women, often only the affected ovary is removed. Your pain might be from the surgery, adhesions, or phantom pain (as nerves grow back into the area). You might also have noticed more pain because of anxiety about a very unlikely recurrence.
Yes. The tumors are what was described; borderline. Almost all will survive with no adjuvant therapy at all.

I had a borderline malignant ovarian tumor that was mucinous. Would that mean it was pre-cancerous?

It's cancer but... On the other hand, it's not very aggressive. I hope it's out. Your gynecologist can tell you the odds of its staying gone for the rest of your life.

I was recently diagnosed with a 5cm borderline malignant ovarian tumor. Is borderline malignant mean it's not cancer?

It's cancer. However, it's unlikely to harm you. Different physicians may sugar-coat or say "barely cancer" or "not really cancer" but the bottom line is that I'm glad it's out or there's a fair chance it would have killed you. Read online about the statistics but if you were assured, "no spread", you've got 95%+ of it not killing you.

My dad's biological father was jewish. I had a borderline malignant mucinous ovarian tumor removed in 4/2013 that was 10lbs. Should I worry abt cancer?

Yes and no. Your cancer was of low grade yet it is not entirely worry free, as in some cases it does recur. Overall your cancer has very good prognosis in 80-90% of the cases. Your jewish heritage has no impact on this variety of ovarian cancer (it only affects the brca mutated type of cancers).