Does massage therapy help in your physical therapy?

Could! Massage therapy is very good at getting one relaxed. Tense muscles could tend to lead to strain and pain and thus inhibit recovery. It certainly could be adjuctive to the physical therapy and promote healing. If it eases your mind and relaxes you then you are more able to heal overall.
It can. It can decrease pain, increase circulation, decrease muscle spasm, increase muscle flexibility, and improve overall mobility. It has a number of applications in different parts of the body, talk to your physical therapist about how it can benefit your recovery.

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What is the difference between physical therapy and massage therapy?

2 different rehabs. Massage does just that, massages sore tight muscles. Whereas physical therapy stretches and strengthens muscles and joints. Read more...
Lots. Massage therapy involves the placement of the hands on the patient for a variety of reasons. There are many different types of massage just as there are many different types of pt. Pt and massage can overlap a bit but in general a physical therapist has more training than a massage therapist and are trained in the rehabilitation of a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions. Read more...