What should I expect in physical therapy for a torn ligament in the knee?

Depends. Probably none initially or pre-operatively. If not operative or if post operative, then one will have range of motion exercises, strengthening exerc ises and balance and proprioceptive exercises.
Ligament Tear Rehab. It differs on whether there was surgery or not. The therapist will work on strengthening the muscles around the knee. They will also do some interventions like ultrasound or tens (small electrical shocks to stimulate muscles).

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I've been diagnosed with torn cartilage torn ligament and a syst in my knee what is the treatment?

Arthroscopy. An orthopedic surgeon can look directly into the knee and can repair cartilage and ligaments. The cyst represent irritation from the rough edges which can be treated with a cortisone injection, but this may be a temporary fix. Read more...
Knee. Evaluation and treatment by competent surgereon. Sometimes bracing and physical therapy is first step. Also we talking meniscus? Which ligaments? Anterior cruciate worst( sports). There is medial, lateral and posterior ligaments. These plus muscles hold knee together. Meniscus is your cushion. But if torn, not all cases need surgery. Who made this diagnosis. See orthopedic surgeon for answers. Read more...