What is the usual response to rehabilitation after rotator cuff surgery?

Rotator cuff. Active-assisted and passive range of motion exercises are typically started at home at two weeks post-operatively. Six weeks is when formal physical therapy starts with strengthening gradually and continued range of motion exercises. It is painful, but important to stay with it. You're pretty young for a rotator cuff tear. Are you the patient?
Gradual. Increases in overall range of motion at the direction of your therapist. Usually all passive assisted movements. Most surgeons still are reluctant to do much active range of motion before 6 weeks. Early pain is in incisions and then by week 2 starts to ache in the shoulder capsule as you advance your rehab. Stick with it...
Very favorable. Most patients do quite well after a rotator cuff repair. Different doctors have different rehab protocols. I for one get patients moving early to help prevent stiffness, but I restrict active motion (can't actively bring your arm over your head) for six weeks while the cuff heals. At the six week point, I advance to ad lib rom and generally at three months patients are good to go and very happy!

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