Is postpartum blood clot and retained tissue in uterus serious? Given methergine (methylergonovine) to pass clot but nothing has passed my bleeding has stopped.

Retained products of. Retained products of conception can be a very serious condition. The tissue retained is frequently necrotic ( dead ) this can lead to a very serious infection. Time to contact you gynecologist.

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Is it ok to take the pill to stop bleeding with implanon if I've had a blood clot prior in uterus 6wks post partum? This was 3 yrs ago I had the clot.

Uncertain . I'm not certain what type of clot you mean. If you just passed a clot with your period it is no problem but, if it was a clot in a blood vessel, you should not take any estrogen due to the increased risk of blood clots in the vessels and the lungs. This includes birth control pills other than the mini-pill which only contains progesterone and won't help the bleeding. Hope this helps. Read more...