Is it safe to have sex in the first trimester?

Yes. Generally yes. Sometimes doctors will tell a patient not to have sex if she has some bleeding in the first trimester.
Yes. In the absence of complications such as abnormal bleeding, sex is safe and healthy. If there are complications, discuss restrictions with your physician.
Yes. Generally, if you are not experiencing vaginal bleeding or cramping it is safe to have sexual intercourse in the first trimester. Other types of sexual activity are permissible, but avoid having air blown into the vagina during oral sex, as this can lead to the potentially fatal complication of air embolism.
Yes. Unless your doctor tells you not to due to a specific complication of pregnancy, sex is safe throughout pregnancy.

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Would it be just fine to have sex during first trimester?

Yes. Sperm does contain some prostaglandin which is a substance that can stimulated contractions. Sex during pregnancy is usually fine for a normal pregnancy. If there is any risk pre-term labor, bleeding during pregnancy or placenta previa and some other conditions, usually sex is not recommended. Read more...