How can I use physical therapy to recover from a knee arthroscopy?

Gain motion/strength. The goal of physical therapy after knee arthroscopy is to help you obtain maximal functional recovery of motion and strength in a safe an efficient manner.
PT. Therapy is used to guide range of motion exercises, strength, balance and core work. Pt is also helpful to guide in stair climbing and descending, and eventual return to sport.
PT Can Be Helpful. Physical therapy can help the patient recover full range of motion, help decrease scar tissue that may be causing pain and limiting motion and help normalize gait through strength training. Some people just require simple guidelines for recovery and others need more help to get back to full function.

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Knee pain is still here after knee arthroscopy last October and lots of physical therapy I take 800mg of ibuprofen for softball scared coach will bench me if he finds out I'm still taking pain meds

Time for a check up. Without knowing the findings from your knee arthroscopy, it is difficult to comment on your ongoing symptoms. You will need to check in with your orthopaedic surgeon for making changes to your treatment plan. Also, your participation in softball may NOT be the wise choice for activities, based on what your surgeon found and did at surgery. Bottom line: go back to your surgeon as soon as possible.

Will I need physical therapy after arthroscopy? I am having arthroscopy on my knee. Will I need physical therapy afterwards? .

Yes. Physical therapy is the best way to speed up your recovery after arthroscopy. The muscles around the knee are very prone to weakening because of the problem one has requiring surgery as well as due to the surgery itself.

Will I need physical therapy after arthroscopy? I am having arthroscopy on my knee. Will I need physical therapy afterwards? .

Depend upon. All depend upon why the arthrocopy was done for. Usually arthroscopy for a plain patrial menisectomy require only home pt specially if you have a good quad, however on more complicated surgeries that require to be non weight bearing for a while that leads to quad atrophy the answer is yes.

What exercises will help me recover from arthroscopy? Are there certain exercises that will help me recover from a knee arthroscopy more quickly? .

What joint. I recommend you go to www. Aaos. Org and look at the pt info section. There you should find recommended exercise for the specific joint and what was done. Ultimately you should talk to your surgeon before beginning any of thea as only they know exactly what was done!
Knee exercises. Wothwhile exercises would include quad sets, straight leg raises, short arc quads and co contractions of the hamstring and quad with the knee flexed 45 degrees with pressue of the foot into the bed.