How long will I need physical therapy after a knee joint replacement?

Up to 3 months. Everybody recovers differently after a total knee replacement. The amount of physical therapy is therefore, variable. A usual pt course is anywhere from 4-12 weeks. The more dedicated the patient is to his/her recovery, the more successful the end result of the surgery will be.
6 weeks. Some patients require up to 3 months of therapy, but most are able to transition to a home exercise program six weeks after surgery.

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Which would be better for a 70 year old: knee joint replacement or physical therapy?

Depends. If the knee is severly arthritic and deformed with constant pain no question the knee replacement is by far a better option. Pt does not correct the arthritis, it help to srengh the muscles around the knee, improve the rom and muscles contractures. One is not subtitute for the other, they complement each other.
Depends. If the 70 year-old is healthy and mobile then knee replacement. If 70 yo is debilitated then pt.

Is physio therapy after a complete knee joint replacement surgery imporant?

Very important. Therapy is important after knee replacement in order to regain all of your range of motion and in order to work on strengthening the knee so that you can have a normal gait (walk normally without a limp.).
It's important. Hi, physical therapy after knee replacement is very important. Without it, there is a risk of developing adhesions from the scar tissue forming after surgery. This could limit the range of motion and even cause pain. Patients who do not participate in therapy, or do exercises on their own, run the risk of having poor range of motion following knee replacement.

How important is physio therapy after a complete knee joint replacement surgery?

Very Important. Physiotherapy is extremely important to regain mobility and strength of the knee, as well as to look at the entire kinetic chain from the ankle to the pelvis/low back for compensations that have occurred presurgery. We believe therapy should start the day following surgery to reduce swelling and scar tissue formation and to strengthen the core and muscles of the leg.
Extremely important. Physical therapy is crucial for full functional recovery after a total knee replacement. I believe that therapy should start as soon as possible, ideally the day after your surgery. Physical therapy should include soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and strengthening exercises. Finding a skilled physical therapist is key to a complete recovery after receiving your new knee joint.

How important is therapy after a complete knee joint replacement surgery?

Very. You can have the best orthopedic surgeon in the world but your outcome depends on your preop and postop physical therapy.
Very. Therapy is critical after replacement to restore your motion and rebuild strength. I would not perform surgery if I felt a patient would not perform or be unable to do therapy afterwards.
Very important. It is very important for patients to work on regaining range of motion and strength in the muscles around the knee after tka. Failure to do so will lead to stiffness, weakness, and chronic problems. Therapy can be self directed or with a physical therapist, but working on exercises to strengthen the leg, bend and straighten the knee are required. Pain control is also important.

After a knee joint replacement surgery when can I play soccer again?

Yes. Your joint after cleared from your doctor should be good to go!
NO. U should not place ur implants @ risk playing any contact sport, no running, cutting, jumping or cutting sports. Treat them with care, they have no healing ability and repeated stress from the above can lead 2 loosening.

Where can I get knee joint replacement surgery?

Knee orthopedisurgic. If you need knee surgery then I would see an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in the knee.
A specialist. I'd recommend seeking out a fellowship-trained specialist in your area.

Having a custom knee for total knee joint replacement because of bone cement and nickel allergies. Customary to pay hospital in advance for prosthe?

Let me advise you. Do you have insurance? If you do the insurance cover it. If you do not this prosthesis is done only for and can not use it for any body else. Good luck.
No. Implant costs are generally included in the procedure costs for the hospital. It would be unusual in the us for the patient to pay for the implant in advance. Custom implants are quite expensive and you are quite young. Other options might be available.
No. Custom total knees are not generally performed, but rather custom cutting jigs are occasionally used to reduce the number of steps in the or. If you have a severe nickel allergy, most larger companies make a femoral component out of titanium (which is essentially nickel-free), rather than the traditional cobalt chrome alloys. The cost is about the same and would be covered by your insurance.