Hi I have what is listed here the ulnar nerve entrapment on both hands and is terrible, hurts a lot, and when numb can do anything. What can I do my?

Need diagnosis. First, if you have diabetes, that may explain bilateral ulnar nerve problems, but, if not may need to assess how this happened. Second, is the problem at wrist, or elbow, or even lower brachial plexus? Has an EMG test been done, and if so, the severity may dictate the therapeutic decisions?
Ortho evaluation. Go to see an orthopaedic surgeon. On in your area can be found at www.Aaos.Org. There are ways to treat this both operatively or non-operatively.

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Ulnar Nerve Entrapment has kept my pinky finger of the left hand numb since mid-May this year. What should I do about it as the problem still persists?

Ulnar Neuropathy. Need to discuss with your doctor, have additional testing done to assess whether there is weakness of the ulnar innervated muscles; a need to determine whether you need translocation surgery. Read more...