Is it okay to drink soda while pregnant?

Avoid if possible! Sodas are unnecessary for anyone, let alone pregnant women and their unborn fetuses, they are not a source of vitamins nor nutrients of any use - they just provide sugar and caffeine - neither of which is advisable during pregnancy. So , it is ok to have some, but you would be better off if you had none. You decide!
Yes & no. Sodas generally contain no toxic material that would harm a fetus.Those with caffeine are worrisome as you approach term as newborns system cannot metabolize it easily (1 wk to eliminate 1/2) & they can get jittery, fussy.Pregnancy is a time to consider anything you eat/drink for the health promotion value.Sodas are basically flavored sugar with fizz. 1/day can add > 10 pounds over a pregnancy.
NO. Soda has no nutritional value is full of carb0hydrates , sugar and too many calories water best options natural fruit juice with good vitamins.