What is a lipid nmr? When is it needed?

MRI of LDL/check-up. This profile is a special test that uses nuclear magnetic resonance or NMR to observe the amount and type(s) of your LDL particles in your body, along with vldl and hdl. With this, your doctor can make more accurate treatment decisions. Since about 50% of heart attacks occur in those with good readings, and the risk goes up with issues like diabetes, and high blood pressure, it is wise to do it.
Need Information. Because cholesterol in LDL and HDL particles is highly variable LDL cholesterol (ldl-c) levels often differ from ldl-p levels. When ldl-c and ldl-p disagree cvd risk tracks with ldl-p, not ldl-c. Many experts advise if ldl-p is above the patient's goal, then treatment may be changed to reach an ldl-p target (in addition to usual lipid goals - ldl-c and non-hdl-c(total cholesterol minus hdl-c)).