"had a pap smear in conjunction with an HPV test. Lab returned pap test negative for malignancy. Does result include HPV results?

No. The "negative for malignancy" refers to the pap. The high-risk hpv test in conjunction with is would be reported as positive or negative. Check with your doctor's office to get that result. The good news for you is that with your normal pap results if your hpv test is negative you can safely extend pap smear screening to up to 5 years. Annual exams are still advised.
HPV. Hpv testing, while done with the same specimen as the pap, is reported separately. The report should include a pap test result with a narrative description and high risk hpv positive or negative.
No. There should be a separate report for the hpv test. Or a separate line or addendum to the pap smear report.