What are the common results of cardiac rehabilitation?

Success. Many people have decreased hospitalizations after going through a program.
Knowledge & therapy. Cardiac rehab is a structured program run by medical professionals that includes supervised exercises tailored to your medical & physical condition, education on how to control your risk factors for heart disease. Multiple scientific studies have shown it improves patient outcomes like quality of life, survival, physical fitness, reduced re-hospitalization, better control of cardiac risk factors.

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What factors does the final result of a cardiac rehabilitation program depend on?

Patient & therapist. Important patient factors in determining success of cardiac rehab are motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes, and compliance with advice from medical professionals. Psychological factors, e.g. Depression and anxiety, are critical factors that influence this. Having a personable and invested therapist, who takes an interest in you as an individual, is paramount as well. Read more...
Many. Cardiac rehab is beneficial for many cardiac patients. Most patients will have an increase in their overall activity capacity. The magnitude of this increase depends upon how in shape you are to start, the length of rehab, and if the patient continues to exercise after rehab officially ends. Read more...