What is the best therapy for reversing my fibromyalgia symptoms?

Multimodal. #fibromyalgia has multivariant causes. Therefore treatment needs to be multimodal. Reconstruction of muscle tone, reduction of obesity, ; greater amounts of restorative sleep essential. Aquatherapy is efficacious as exercise. Study the stories of those who have healed: s. Ingebretson, v. Lumley, anthony lewis, etc. (books on amazon). Stay away from support groups, seemingly replete with "trolls".
Exercise. Several medications can help take the edge off fibro pain. However getting good sleep, dealing with daily life stressors, and establishing a good doet and exercise program is key.
Integrative. A complete evaluation should be the first step to confirm the diagnosis. A combination of diet, supplements, medications, stress reduction, and exercise. In addition massage, physical therapy and acupuncture can help. The key is an individualized program to address your specific issues. You should get help from a doctor who has a lot of experience treating fibromyalgia.