How does low frequency sound therapy help relieve fibromyalgia?

? anxiety reduction. There is no study to answer the question-does low frequency sound help fibro. However, low frequencies seem to produce a relaxing and calming response. Anything which can induce this state (such as meditation) will help most chronically painful conditions as pain tends to make us tense.
What! ? how low frequency sound helps fibromyalgia symptoms. Pretty far out - is research available? The placebo effect is quite powerful & certainly at play in a situation whereat sound is sensorily experienced while being touted as therapeutic. Swallowing a pill puts measurable chemicals into the body; sounds go right through the body leaving nary a trace. How would one be able to prove efficacy?
Only if you think so. Fibromyalgia is not a "tissue diagnosis" (unlike arthritis, diabetes, diverticulitis, for instance). It is a term that applies to a nonspecific pain syndrome, most likely centered around a feeling or mood of depression. Fibromyalgia (as a diagnosis) didn't exist even 50 years ago (unlike those others). As such, it has no specific cure; whatever one does to feel better probably will relieve pain.