How should I deal with cognitive impairment (fibro fog) caused by fibromyalgia?

Better sleep. #fibromyalgia "fibro fog" ; cognitive impairment, imo, caused by non-restorative sleep. My hypothesis is refreshing sleep improves cognition. Many soporific medications ; medicinal cannabis (use only in state where authorized) exist. The three meds approved for fibromyalgia do not enhance sleep, but do diminish pain. Opiate medications reduce pain, relax mind, induce sleep.
Get Evaluated. Get an evaluation to get the correct diagnosis and treatment. Not all symptoms are from fibromyalgia and other causes should be ruled out.
Sleep. Have your doctor evaluate your sleep. If there are no anatomic reasons for poor sleep then medications to improve sleep can help.

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How do I deal with cognitive impairment (fibro fog) from fibromyalgia?

Options. Trazodone for sleep, dose titrated. Progivil or nuvigal for cognitive impairment, taken in am.
Several options. I have had patients do well with either stimulant drugs (adderall) or with nuvigil. Use of either of these is "off label".