What is congestive heart failure? Symptoms.

Hrt StiffnessWeaknes. With increased stiffness &/or weakness of heart pumping (muscle &/or valve problems), brain reflexes ? thirst/water intake & ? water output from kidneys; thus body water increases driving congestion (edema). If heart function not too sick, the ? water/blood volume improves pump function; but no limit to the reflex & the increased water (edema) can fill the lungs (can't breath) & legs/body swells.
Multiple. Failure of heart to pump blood forward to meet metabolic demands of the body, hence the lungs and other organs get congested.Symptoms: dyspnea, fatigue, bipedal edema etc!

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What are some congestive heart failure symptoms?

Shortness of breath. Heart failure often leads to excessive fluid in the system, causing shortness of breath, swelling, or increased abdominal girth. Also, patients may feel more short of breath lying down or wake up at night gasping for breath. People may also feel fatigued, washed out, lightheaded, or without appetite. Read more...
Several. 1. Shortness of breath with activity 2. Lower extremity edema / fluid retention 3. Weight gain secondary to #2 4. Sleeping on several pillows or upright due to shortness of breath laying flat 5. Waking up in the middle of the night due to shortness of breath. 6. Fatigue with exertional activity. Read more...