Is bowen therapy effective for fibromyalgia?

Possibly. Seems like everybody is looking for the "magic bullet" to treat fibromyalgia; if this "bowen" therapy works for you then so be it...But to date there have been no studies that I am aware of to demonstrate this.
Bowen. Not sure of Bowen therapy, but I have had recent patients tell me improvement with Morenga.
Yes, but. ? unclear & patient probably misuses "Bowen therapy" for Botox as asks if is effective for fibromyalgia (FM). In that Botox relaxes muscle spasm it might theoretically help. Many FM sufferers have chronic superior trapezius muscle spasm associated with & possibly causal of migraine headaches. Better however to relieve muscle spasms w. massage, physical therapy, topical cannabis & biofeedback.
Fibromyalgia . Like most alternative therapy there is little data. My advice find therapy where ur the one doing things as opposed to someone doing things to u. Take control.