Can whiplash contribute to fibromyalgia pain?

Yes. Cervical spine "whiplash" injury ; chronic neck pain oft seen in people with #fibromyalgia (fm). Multiple childbirths ; low back injuries (accidents ; lifting events) causal of chronic low back ; pelvic pain seem more common than neck injuries in people with fibromyalgia. Morgan freeman has come forward with report of delayed onset of fibromyalgia after a motor vehicle accident ; injury.
Yes. We do not completely understand fibromyalgia. However we do know that trauma can trigger the onset of fibromyalgia.
YES and NO. Fibromyalgia as diagnosed is based upon discovering 18 or more tender spots on the body. A whiplash can contribute or even predispose one to all kinds of trigger points. So whiplash can contribute to fibromyalgia pain, but not necessarily so. Need a complete history and exam to try and pinpoint the source of the pain.
Poasible. True fibro is a syndrome of overexcitation of the nervous system. Normal stimuli become painful. As such, many fibro patients become extra sensitive to new painful insults.