I had umbilical hernia surgery on oct 15 2012. I am having constant discharge of blood with a foul smell ever since then. Dr. Says this is normal?

No. Although some patients may have some initial bloody discharge, persistent drainage should be investigated, particularly if foul smelling. Your surgeon should re-examine you in the office.
Not normal. Sound like an infected collection of blood under the skin, called a hematoma. Usually the treatment is to open the wound an let it heal by itself from the bottom up. If there is mesh placed on top of the abdominal wall, this may be ok to leave alone, or could require removal. See you surgeon for an exam again. If you are still skeptical, see your primary care.

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Had umbilical hernia surgery about 6weeks ago scar healed real well but still getting really bad pains where I'm laying on the ground crying is normal?

Post surgical pain. Post surgical pain can be common with abdominal surgery due to scar formation, but none should result in rolling around with crying. Please visit with your respective surgeon. Read more...
Hernia pain. Unfortunately, your pain sounds more than would be expected at this point in time. I would encourage you to call your surgeon and have an evaluation. There are many potential problems. There may be nothing wrong, but it definitely needs to be evaluated carefully. Read more...