What does rehabilitation after brain cancer treatment involve?

Varies. Pretty much what ever is needed. Often after brain surgery for a tumor, there may be weakness and loss of sensation on one side of the body similar to a stroke. Rehab seeks to try to help someone regain as much function as possible given their neurological function. This may include physical and occupation therapy as well as speech therapy for problems with swallowing or speech. Pain management.
Improving abilities. Anything that effects the brain will result in a patient having difficulties. Strokes, trauma or cancer can cause someone to lose various functions and specialists in physical medicine and rehab use physical therapy and occupational therapy to improve a persons strength and skills, building on what a patient can do to help themselves accomplish activities of daily life.

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Expert opinions? Which are the leading cancer treatment centers for brain cancer?

Several. You could pick up from one of the list: university of california, san francisco, duke university medical center, durham, nc md anderson cancer center new york university medical center, new york city mass general hospital, boston.

After going through brain cancer treatment if it were to worsen what signs would show?

Same as before tx. If symptoms get worse it usually is the same ones that took the patient to the doctor or emergency room. Generally the cancer grows back in the same location. This is not always the case but a good generalization. Any mental status change should be looked into.
Brain cancer. When the cancer progresses, generally the cancer grows back in the same location or development of new lesion/s elsewhere. It can be presented with the same symptoms you have before the treatment -that may include- mental status change, dizziness, headaches, nausea/vomiting, gait imbalance, motoric or sensory problems- weakness/sensory problems on one side of the body, seizures etc.

Could I have info on carboplatin used for brain cancer treatment?

It is available on G. carboplatin has some but minimal activity on brain turmors, unless it is a child where it may be moderately active. It is no longer used for treatment of adult brain tumors.

How many chemotherapy treatment dose it take brain cancer to be done with the treatment

As many as needed. There is no single answer, dose and duration depends type of chemo therapeutic agent and type of tumor.
Depends. There are several different types of brain cancer. Advanced brain cancer such as glioblastome multiforme may require indefinite therapy with drugs like temodar, (temozolomide) or avastin. Other medications are not as effective. Several of my patients are on Avastin indefinitely, and some for years.
Difficult to say. There are treatments for primary brain cancers that are given during radiation and for 6 months after. If the tumor is not controlled it could be longer. If the cancer spread to the brain, the duration would depend on the other sites of cancer spread and the response to treatment.

What are the signs of failed treatment of the brain cancer?

Progression of cance. The signs that treatment has failed- are indicated by the lack of improvement clinically -for example-persistent or worsening symptomatology; and progression of disease/cancer-i, e, enlargement of the mass -shown on imaging studies.
Symptoms may. Depend on location - weakness, seizure. Or non-specific: headache, vomiting, loss on consciousness, obtundation, coma. Any lead to imaging to assess change in size or edema.

Can you live 10 years with brain cancer with out treatment?

Depends on the type. Depending on the type of brain tumor your are considering the answer is yes. Low grade tumors are very slow growing and may be silent for many years.
Diagnosis? Cancer means malignancy. When someone talks about "brain cancer" they usually mean glioblastoma or brain metastasis which are not survivable for that long. You can live with a low grade or a benign brain tumor but those are not referred to as "cancer". Need an exact diagnosis to answer your question.

How long can a person with brain cancer live without treatment?

Not sure. It really depends on what type of brain cancer it is (glioblastoma, low-grade glioma, or spread of some other type of cancer to the brain). Without knowing this, it is difficult to give a answer.

Grade 4 brain cancer with 60% removed and the other 40% going across the corpus collasum to the left side will the new heat therapy treatment work?

Probably not. Unfortunately despite all the research and advancement in medicine, we have not made much progress in treatment of grade 4 gliomas.
Hyperthermia. Was tried in combination with radiation after surgery many years ago with mixed results. This was a lower dose heat to make the radiation work better. A new laser hyperthermia (auto-litt) is high heat which causes damage on its own. Early results are promising, but do not appear to be better than radiation and chemo which is the standard. All patients with gbm should be on a trial if possible.