What does brain injury rehabilitation involve exactly?

The rest of the body. Rehabilitation from any 'brain injury' involves working the the rest of the body to restore 'normal' functioning; whether it be a persons' speech, their ability to walk (gait), and so on.
TBI. Is a serious condition. You should go to a specialist who specializes in traumatic brain injury. There are also organizations in most states for tbi. Do a web search for tbi you your state and you will find resources to help you.

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What is post-acute brain injury rehabilitation exactly?

Answered. I have already answered this on a previous post...Check it out.
Help future function. The rehabilitation period can be short or lengthy depending on the extent of the injury; the amount of function regained can vary after rehab, too. A group of specialists and therapists will work together to help you regain as much function as possible after the injury.