What are some natural therapies for sciatica?

Sciatica. Apply heat, alternating with cold to the back. Hot soaks, massage. Gentle exercises. Avoid back strain and lifting . You can get medical advice from doctors who work in integrative and alternative therapy for more advice on natural therapy.
Stretch. One of my favorite treatments for sciatica(as i tell all my affected patients) is as follows: lay on your bed on your tummy; and position the affected side as close to the edge of your bed as you can get. Now simply allow your leg (not you!) to slide off; this will create gentle but effective traction on the pyriformis muscle which should relieve your sciatic nerve impingement.
Natural Therapies. Typically core strengthening exercises are the best to help relieve pressure and forces in the spine. I would try and google some or look them up on youtube to see descriptions. If you can do them yourself, wonderful otherwise ask your doctor to get a referral to a good physical therapist for further assistance. Natural Therapies include Spine Injections that use non-steroidal medications.