What are effective yoga positions for back pain relief?

Gentle Stretching. Gentle poses that stretch the psoas and quadratus lumborum musculature can often be helpful in treating/preventing low back pain. Positions such as downward dog, cobra and "warrior 1" can help. However, it is best to use these positions as part of a broader yoga routine. I recommend taking a local yoga class to learn how to safely and gently utilize these forms.
Not sure. Yoga positions are not my area of expertise! I have noticed that my patients find pilates more reliably useful vs. Yoga.
Try this! Definitely use pain as your guide, but here are some suggestions: here's some short video advice: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=20zybmbnvou here's a more detailed academic review article: http://www.Intechopen.Com/books/low-back-pain/yoga-as-a-treatment-for-low-back-pain-a-review-of-the-literature.
Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga focuses on basic chakra - help with body alignments and helps with back pain. There are other types of yoga available - use gentle streches to prevent muscle injury.
Stretch... Last time i looked; sun salute and downward facing dog(i think i spelled it correctly) should be effective in answering your question. The positions depend upon the etiology of the 'pain'.

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What are recommended yoga positions for back pain relief?

Experiment. Yoga is a way to stretch. Keeping your "core" (tummy and back muscles) limber and strong can help reduce back pain. Experiment with the movements and positions. Choose those that work the "core." a little discomfort is okay. If a position is really uncomfortable (during or after), try something different. Read more...
Take some classes. Stretches are great for back spasm. Try it you'l like it. Read more...